Green Party Launches Campaign in Bristol

The Green Party have gathered in Bristol to launch their campaign with the most likely aim being to double or even triple their amount of MPs from one to two or three.



Photo credit: @TheGreenParty on Twitter


The job-sharing leaders Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley both spoke along with Molly Scott Cato, the Green Party’s candidate for Bristol West, and it was clear that their target was young people.

“The way that young people are being let down at the moment is a disgrace” were the words of Molly Scott Cato as she addressed Green Party supporters and the press. That message was echoed throughout the rest of the launch by both Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley.

The main issues the Green Party spoke about were lowering the voting age to 16, removing tuition fees for university, creating new affordable houses and as always helping the environment and reversing climate change. These are all issues that are relevant to young people and showcase how the Green Party are attempting to move up in the political world by garnering the support of that demographic as opposed to older generations.

With the almost unstoppable Brexit process taking place over the next two years the Green Party stand to lose three of their MEPs and therefore a large percentage of their political power. This general election provides them with the opportunity to combat that loss by gaining new seats in parliament and it may be vital to their continued relevance.

In the crowd at the campaign overlooking the Clifton suspension bridge, some Green Party supporters gave me their opinions.

Chloe, aged 19, from Bristol said, “I think the Green Party are the only party who care about young people and do what’s right regardless of the situation or political climate. That’s why I’m voting for them.”

Ali, aged 23, from Bristol said, “I have always been a Labour supporter until [Jeremy] Corbyn took charge. I like what the Greens do and I’ll definitely be voting for them in the next election at least. I do think I’ll go back to voting Labour in the future because they’re the only option to get rid of the Tories.”

Carl, aged 41 said, “We need to care for the environment and help others, it’s the only way to live. I’ve been a member of the Green Party for over 10 years. You can trust the Green Party.”

Despite a well-attended campaign launch, the future of the Green Party hangs delicately in the balance over the coming months.


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