Five Guys Restaurant Opens in Norwich Joining the Expanding Market of Super Calorific Luxury Food


Burger restaurant Five Guys joins Krispy Kreme Doughnuts as the latest American fast food company specialising in indulgent, calorific food to open in Norwich.


Opening its doors on Monday the 17th of October, Five Guys is the latest restaurant to open in Norwich as the American company rapidly expands into the United Kingdom. The Norwich burger place is one of six new restaurants that Five Guys are currently in the process of opening across the UK to bring its grand total to 60.

Five Guys specialises in big burgers with a wide variety of toppings, which you choose when ordering. On top of burgers they sell fries, hot dogs and milkshakes just like an old-fashioned American diner. They claim their food is some of the best around because of their fresh produce, which is brought into stores each day. However, it is not only the freshness of their produce that contributes to their success – it is almost certainly their dedication to big, indulgent and calorific food. For an idea of scale, their double cheeseburger is at least twice the size of a McDonalds one. All this attention to super calorific luxury food and its evident success showcases the counter swing against healthy calorie-counted cuisine and how people are craving the complete reverse.



The opening of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts over the summer further highlights this point. Krispy Kreme is another American fast food company rapidly expanding throughout the United Kingdom. It also specialises in calorific, luxury food but instead of burgers and fries they sell doughnuts. You can buy anywhere from one doughnut on its own to a box of twelve. A statement to its popularity and appeal was seen on the opening day when people waited in line for over an hour to get their hands on a doughnut.

With 58% of women and 65% of men being overweight or obese in the U.K. fast food restaurants like Five Guys and Krispy Kreme are symptomatic of a major issue in current society. The growing market for such food dispensaries is doing nothing to help these dangerously high obesity levels. However, the other end of the spectrum can be just as damaging. Clean eating can easily lead to dieting extremes that are often not based on scientific evidence. As long as people eat a balanced diet, there is no reason that places like Five Guys and Krispy Kreme cannot be enjoyed without negative consequences.

So, when there is a new diet craze or Pret A Manger opening, there is most likely a super indulgent, unhealthy fast food restaurant with lines out the door just around the corner. We live in a society obsessed with food and all of its extremes are coming to the forefront, so don’t be surprised if a few more food outlets like that of Five Guys and Krispy Kreme open up in Norfolk soon.


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